Monday, January 29, 2007

2007 Cush City New Author Award - Please Vote For Me

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Harrine Freeman
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Author of How to Get Out of Debt: Get an "A" Credit Rating For Free
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ISBN 1933949430

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Encouragement For Those In Debt

I have heard many stories over the years of how people got in debt or are currently in debt and can't see how they will ever get out. My heart goes out to people who can't even seem to make ends meet. I know all too well about being in debt. I was $11,000 in debt and lost my job. I only had a roof over my head, I had no money, no savings, no food to eat, no job and no prospects. As a result I filed for unemployment but it was only enough to buy food. I was so embarrassed and ashamed to tell anyone about my situation, not enough my mother, family or friends knew about my situation.

Luckily one day when I was trying to figure out how I was going to eat my godmother happened to call and I broke down and told her I didn't have any food. She came right over and brought me some groceries. Then I still had the problem of being out of work and trying to figure out how to pay my bills.

Luckily God stepped in, my aunt found out that I was out of work and hired me for a job. Then I was able to get a part-time job. Also during this time I was trying to finish up my last class for my college degree. I had to sit out a semester while I was unemployed. Luckily after I started working again I was able to register and complete my last course for my college degree. After that things started turning around, I was slowly able to pay my bills and get out of debt.

I sacrificed buying new clothes and new shoes (at one point I wore the same pair of red shoes for six month because I couldn't afford to buy a new pair), hanging out with friends, going out to eat, etc. but it was worth it. Now I am a homeowner, my car is paid for. It is six years old. I have been debt free for ten years (credit card debt). I have savings accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance, disability, health insurance and my own business.

It takes time to get out of debt (it took me 4 years) but you have to be billing to make sacrifices and you have to change your mindset. Don't focus on how am I going to get out of debt, focus on what can I do to get out of debt. Here are two get websites to help reduces expenses.,

Please write me if you need advice on how to get out of debt at
H. Freeman, CEO
Author of How to Get Out of Debt: Get an "A" Credit Rating For Free

Friday, January 19, 2007

Tips to Prepare For Filing Your 2006 Taxes

It's that time again. The dreaded tax year. A lot of the laws from last year have changed so please be sure to read the instructions when filing your 2006 taxes. Also here are 7 tips to help you get organized to file your taxes. Thanks.

1. Gather all receipts, monthly/quarterly statements, medical bills, student loans, credit card debt, etc.

2. Use a software package like Quicken or Quick Books to record all of your deductions. If you don't have this software then you can use an Excel spreadsheet with these basic column headings, Item, Date Purchased or Sold, Cost, Quantity, Total Cost. If you don't have the Excel software program just use plain old pencil and paper.

3. Identify all items that can be used as itemized deductions and put them in one pile. Determine if the standard deduction for your tax bracket is greater than your itemized deductions. (The list of items you gathered in step 2 and verified against the tax form instruction manual as items that can be itemized). If your standard deduction is greater than use the standard deduction, if not, use the worksheet included with your taxes to calculate your itemized deductions.

4. To save money file your taxes electronically. You will receive your refund in approximately two weeks from the date of filing.

5. Don't get a tax refund loan or refund anticipation loan. This is a waste of time and of money. You usually have to pay a fee to get the refund loan which usually have high interest rates and associated fees. See the article discussing this issue.

6. If you salary is less than $52,000 or less you can file your taxes electronically for free.

7. Be cautious when purchasing a tax preparation software. Research the credibility of the company and verify if the software provides automatic updates to tax laws contained in the software. Go to Better Business Bureau website to check out a company's history. Click on the Business Link under the Check It Out section.

Bonus Tip. File your taxes on time. If you are owed taxes this year and are unable to pay your taxes by April 15, 2007, file an extension no later than April 15, 2007 or setup a payment plan. If is never wise to owe taxes because the interest and penalties fees that accrue each day will put you further into debt.
Your goal for this year is to get out of debt and be on your way to be debt free life. Good luck!

For more tips and information purchase my book, How to Get Out of Debt: Get an "A" Credit Rating For Free, ISBN 1933949430 at Walden Books, Borders, Barnes & Noble,, Books A Million,, Target and Walmart.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Appearance on WOLB 1010AM on 1/19/2007

Hi All, if you live in the DC/MD/VA area I could use your support by calling in to WOLB 1010AM in Baltimore MD to the Women's Expo Forum Radio Show on 1/19/07 (this Friday) at 2:00 pm. The show is from 2-2:30 pm.

I will be on the show giving free tips on how to repair your credit and discussing my book, How to Get Out of Debt: Get an "A" Credit Rating For Free. Thanks.

Harrine Freeman

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bankruptcy Doesn't Help As Much As You Think

One of the biggest myths is that if you file for bankruptcy you will be financially free and no longer have debt problems. Wrong! Bankruptcy is not the cure-all for getting out of debt. Over a million Americans file for bankruptcy every year. One in every 73 households files for bankruptcy. In 2005, 2 million Americans filed for personal bankruptcies. Millions of Americans are in debt and get in debt every year. Many people think that filing for bankruptcy will solve all of their debt problems. On the surface it seems that if you file for bankruptcy all of your debt will be eliminated and you can start with a clean slate. Actually it is not that simple.

To file for personal bankruptcy you must reside in a state for 90 days prior to filing and have a total unsecured debt less than $290,525 or secured debt less than $871,550. The new bankruptcy law that went into effect in October 2005 states that debtors (consumers) who earn less than the median income in their state about 80 percent of those who file for bankruptcy still would be entitled to file under Chapter 7. But those who earn more than that and who have the ability to repay at least $6,000 over five years would have to file under Chapter 13, which requires a repayment plan.

Although it is true that after you file for bankruptcy you can purchase a house or a car, what people don’t realize it that the interest rate that you will be given will be very high. Also, based on the new bankruptcy law implemented in October 2005, it is harder to file for bankruptcy and depending on the type of bankruptcy granted it will remain on your credit report for seven to ten years. This greatly lowers your credit score and it will probably take about 3 to 5 years before you score increases due to the bankruptcy filed and provided that you don’t get into any further debt.

Consider what would happen if you neglect to make a payment on the repayment plan which is created by your local court house. If you miss a payment on your repayment plan your case will be dismissed and you will have to find a way to pay your debts on your end.

When you have financial problems and can’t see any way out bankruptcy looks like the best option but there are many other options available to you. If you have a house you can take out an equity loan to pay your debts, you can reduce your expenses and create a budget for yourself, you can get a part-time job, go to school and further your education and get additional training related to your particular job, setup payment plans with your creditors or sell some of your assets if you have any. Use If you do not receive a steady paycheck or have your own business one month or for several months you may not earn enough money to pay your monthly chapter 13 reorganization payment. Only use bankruptcy as an absolute last resort any only if you have a steady job. You need to have steady employment for the Chapter 13 reorganization plan. Good luck!

Please write me to tell me about your credit repair and financial crisis stories. The best story received will be published in my February newsletter. Send stories to info@hefreemanenterprises and put in the Subject Line "Blog Financial Crisis Story Contest".

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I know many people did not accomplish all the things they wanted to this past year. Today is the day to start thinking about ways to change old habits. One old habit many of us have is getting into debt.

Today is the first day on the road to financial freedom.

Don't dwell on the financial mistakes you made last year. Think about how you can change your spending habits, eliminate debt, create a spending plan for yourself and avoid the Christmas Shopping blues your felt from overspending last month. Here are 5 ways to have a prosperous New Year:

1. Stop spending. Don't spend money you don't have. This will only put you further in debt.

2. Take inventory. Write a list of all of your monthly expenses and debt and write down you monthly income (take home). If you have any money left over use that to pay down your debts. If not, find other ways to reduce your expenses and gain extra money to pay down your debts.

3. Reduce expenses. Find ways to reduce expenses to help pay down your debts. Catch public transportation or carpool to work. Use coupons or shop at wholesales stores. Have a yard sale or donate unused items to charity and write the amount off on your taxes.

4. Credit Card Usage. Use your credit card for emergencies only. Don't use your credit card to purchase gas, food, clothing, etc. When using a credit card instead of cash you end up paying 112% more than the item is worth after finance charges and other fees associated with credit card.

5. Educate yourself. Educate yourself about credit and your credit rights. Read as much information as you can about credit cards. Start by reading the credit card agreement or disclosure that was sent to you when you first received your credit card in the mail. If you can't find it call you credit card company and ask them to send you one. Read the agreement carefully to find out what fees you could be charged, the grace period and other important information. You can also buy books such as my self-help book on credit repair entitled, "How to Get Out of Debt: Get an "A" Credit Rating For Free" by Harrine Freeman at,, and to help you repair your credit and get out of debt.

Good luck to you. Make this year your year to become debt free!