Sunday, November 08, 2009

Unemployment Jumps to 10.2%

Although expert state the recession has ended Americans are still feeling the effects in a bad way. The current unemployment rate has reaches 10.2% and hasn't reached above 10% since September 1982 and June 1983. Part-time workers increased the figure to 17.5%.

In Michigan the unemployment rate is 15.3%, in Nevada 13.3%, in Rhode Island 13.3%, in California 12.2%, in Florida 11% and in Georgia 10.1%. In the depression of 1929, 13 million people were unemployed. In 2009, 15.7 million Americans are unemployed.

Today, unfortunately more Americans lack health insurance due to the high costs of medical care and unemployment.

If you work in an unstable economy consider going back to school or moving to a more profitable sector like Information Technology, Healthcare, Government or the Military. If you work as a consultant or contractor and find difficulty getting employment consider applying for a local, state or federal government job which provides more stability and decent benefits including health insurance.
Today more people are in debt because of the economy, unemployment and lack of health care.

On average Americans have approximately $45,000 in debt including credit cards, loan and mortgages. Americans are also saving less which resulted in accumulating more debt and a continual increase in bankruptcy and foreclosure filings.

According to a government surveys suggest that if you get laid off, it's more likely to be for good. On average, those currently unemployed have been out of work about half a year.

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