Sunday, April 04, 2010

Celebrate Financial Literacy Month

President Obama declared April is National Financial Literacy Month. Start this month and make at least one small change to improve your financial life. By deciding to make at least one change you will be able to: pay down debt, create an emergency fund, and plan for your future.

Here are 9 easy ways to improve your financial life.

1. Create a budget or spending plan and track spending daily, weekly or monthly.

2. Get current on any late bills.

3. Negotiate or setup payment plans for large debts.

4. Buy more needs vs wants and pay cash or use lay-a-way.

5. Get a checking account with no fees.

6. Create an emergency fund by using automatic savings plans such as Bank of America's Keep the Change program or Wachovia's Way 2 Save program.

7. Buy in bulk, buy items on sale or at wholesale or discount stores.

8. Buy used instead of new.

9. Pay bills automatically using paycheck deduction or online bill payment.

Remember, every financial decision you make today affects your future tomorrow. It takes hard work, discipline and making sacrifices to get out of debt and improve your financial life but I know you can do it. Start today!

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Certified Credit Consultant said...

To celebrate Virginia Financial Literacy Month, the VSCPA is holding free financial literacy workshops for the public led.