Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saving is the New 20

Being sexy can be summarized in 3 main areas: attitude, confidence and image. Attitude relates to your views on life, usually an optimistic person who can take criticism well and always remains positive. Confidence is how you feel about yourself no matter what someone else says about you or does to you. Image is the physical appearance of a person, their smile, their teeth, their hair, their walk, their laugh, their face, their body, how they dress, how they smell.

According to a study by ING 61% of the men that participated in the survey feel that women who are frugal are smart and sexy. Cash is king and having a savings account makes you more attractive and appealing. When you are in debt and have bad credit is it hard to focus on anything else and if you do, you can’t give it your all because of your financial problems especially when it comes to relationships.

When you go on dates or out with your boyfriend or girlfriend your conversations will somehow always lead to discussing your financial problems. The lack of a savings account or retirement account may cause you to stay in a relationship longer than you have to or stay at a job longer that you would like because you are living paycheck to paycheck. If you are out on a date and have financial problems you might slip up and make statements like “I wish I had someone to help me pay my bills” or “I wish I had a man to take care of me” which may be a turnoff especially on a first date.

When you start saving you see your money grow which is a great feeling. When you start paying down your debt you feel like a burden has been lifted off of your shoulders and you can begin creating long-term financial goals such as planning for retirement, starting a business or planning for your children’s college education. Saving money also helps to pay for unexpected expenses and prevents you from going into debt. Saving money and have good spending habits is an appealing quality in a mate.

If you don’t feel sexy try to make yourself more appealing by working hard to save money, fix bad credit and set financial goals. Saving is smart. Investing is smarter. Good credit is smart and sexy. Saving the environment is sexy. Saving is sexy.

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