Thursday, February 03, 2011

Make Money During Unemployment

Since the recession many Americans have become unemployed and have experienced financial crises. Other Americans have taken the opportunity to start businesses or go back to school to improve their financial life. If you are currently unemployed take time to reflect on your life and develop short and long term goals you want to achieve. Develop an action plan to ensure that you achieve those goals.

The days when a recruiter or head hunter finds you to hire you for a job are over. If you want to get employed you have to make opportunities happen. If lack of finances are a major factor in your life you will have to think outside of the box and think of creative ways to make money. Here are a few tips to help you earn money while you are unemployed.

1. Cleaning. Become a maid or janitor by cleaning houses or office buildings.
2. Dog walker. Walk dogs and/or groom pets. Offer to bathe dogs or cats.
3. Part-time. Look for part-time opportunities including those not in your field. Some companies hire part-time employees as full-time employees or offer benefits.
4. Volunteer. Offer to become a volunteer at a company that is in the same field or a similar field you want to work in. Some companies hire volunteers as permanent employees.
5. Babysitter. Offer to watch children during the week or on weekends when parents need to run errands or go for a night out.
6. Seasonal Work. Get hire during seasonal employment recruiting periods such as Christmas and the summer time.
7. Temp Agency. Sign up with 5-10 temporary or staffing agencies that find part-time or full-time temporary jobs. Some jobs are converted to permanent employment after 90 days.
8. Service Industry. If you have good customer service skills you can work as a customer service representative answering phone calls, serve as a hostess, waitress or receptionist.
9. Secret Shopper. You can become a secret shopper for a company or go shopping for elderly or sick individuals.
10. Sell Items. Sell new or unused items on eBay or Craigslist.
11. Network. Network with neighborhood workers to see if they need assistance with doing odd jobs such as lawn care, snow removal, tree removal, washing cars, etc.

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