Thursday, April 07, 2011

Uncommon Savings Tips

1. When you receive items purchased keep the boxes and reuse them to ship gifts or other items.
2. Reuse both sides of printer or fax paper.
3. Sew clothes for yourself and your family.
4. Crochet pillows, quilts, blankets, sweaters, socks and other items to stay warm.
5. Make jewelry which you can give as gifts.
6. If you are good with arts and crafts make things such as: gloves, pottery, candles, candle holders, envelopes, etc. and give as gifts.
7. Camp out in your backyard in a tent instead of going camping.
8. Participate in clinical research trials to get free medication and earn some extra money.
9. Donate blood to get extra money.
10. Go to a training school for services: beauty school, barber school, dental school or veterinary school to save money on hair care, dental care and pet care costs.
11. Go to a training school or college in less than the normal time, i.e. finish college in 3 years, finish a graduate degree in 1 ½ years, etc.
12. Get sponsors to remodel your home, car, sponsor your family reunion, high reunion or wedding.
13. Make your own food or drinks such as ice cream, soda, bread, beer.
14. If giving flowers as a gift, use flowers from weddings, funerals or other special events.
15. Sell your sperm.
16. Sell your hair to cancer patients.
17. Donate your eggs to women who have problems conceiving.
18. Train you cat to use the toilet like in the movie the Meet the Fockers.
19. Potty train babies at age one or younger.

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