Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Save Money with iPhone Apps

The Apple iPhone prices start at $199 and can range up to $499 depending on the plan, memory and features selected. Verizon and A&T now offer the iPhone. The iPhone offers over 350,000 applications some of which are free. The iPhone provides email and internet services, iTunes, and is very easy to use. It allows for multitasking. It also provides a camera, Wi-Fi, video streaming and an iPod. It can sync with pc and mac email. It also has sensors to save on battery power. If you are an iPhone owner here are 8 applications that can help you save money.

1. Quicken – A free application that helps you manage your finances, track financial goals and monitor your account activity.

2. Billminder – A $1.99 application that helps you track bills, listing due dates. Your data can be exported via email and the application can send notifications to remind you of due dates.

3. Coupon Sherpa – A free application that provides coupons to hundreds of stores online or can be printed. Coupons can be displayed as a scannable bar code to be used at checkout lines. Coupons for local stores can be found by GPS location. You can get daily updates by subscribing to their newsletter.

4. – A free application that helps you keep track of your spending by creating a budget. You can setup alerts and track bills using exports from your bank account.

5. Maps - A free application similar to Google Maps. It helps you find stores, restaurants or any address in the United States and can be used with GPS and Wi-Fi.

6. Gas Buddy – A $2.99 application that helps you find the cheapest gas in your area. The tool is really helpful when traveling.

7. Skype – A free application that allows you to make calls over the internet for free. This is especially helpful for those who make long distance international calls. Calls using cell phones or landlines are cheaper than using Verizon or AT&T.

8. Wifi Finder – A free application that allows smartphones owners to access the internet using faster speeds. The application finds all free Wi-Fi hotspots near you using your GPS location. The application has a listing of over 400,000 free hotspots in over 140 countries.

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