Monday, February 06, 2012

Will Blackberry Be the Next Business To Fail

The Blackberry company Research in Motion began in 1999 and earned over $15 billion in the last 8 years. Many businesses fail after great success because they forget that maintaining success requires continual creation of new products and services. Keep your existing products but frequently improve on them and provide additional products that compliment your existing products.

I have a blackberry curve 3G but hate seeing that timer stall sometimes for 30 minutes trying to display a web page. Blackberry is great for accessing email but the world is constantly changing and users require more features all the time but it seems that blackberry hasn’t been able to keep up. The iPhone has forced companies to step up their technology advances but blackberry hasn’t kept up. Many blackberry owners are switching over to the Droid or iPhone to get additional features and faster download times.

We live in a time when innovation is the key to obtaining and maintaining company success. If you have an older blackberry in some cases are unable to read common attachments such as PowerPoint, Adobe and flash files. The operating systems are not comparable to Microsoft or Unix operating systems and in some cases users get an error message stating that a feature, program or file is unsupported.

Due to the continued effects of the recession and company and government budget cuts many companies are phasing out or reducing the use of company issued smartphones. Employees that are issued phone are choosing models other than blackberry.

Users are more mobile than ever and need devices that can meet their needs anytime anywhere. Users need smartphones that can access their email quickly, download common file types quickly and allow them to view reports and presentations for meetings. Blackberry does not provide those features which makes it seem like the dinosaur of smartphones.

Blackberry needs a complete product overhaul, needs to survey existing customers about new features they would like to see, ensure fiascos like the outage incident in October 2011 doesn’t happen again, hire a new sales and marketing team and hire the brightest information technology college graduates to bring fresh new ideas and implement some of them.

I will begin my search for a new smartphone that will allow me send text messages, be able to download files in less than 60 seconds, watch videos, view common file types such as Word, Excel, .pdf and PowerPoint and view reports and that weighs a few ounces. Will you keep your blackberry or switch to another smartphone company?

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Cornell Reese said...

I want to believe that RIM has some smart folks working for them. They have gotten behind in a big way with the consumer market. The only thing keeping them solvent right now is large government usage of black berrys and this market is slowly eroding. More and more fortune 500 companies and gov agencies are starting to support the Iphone and Android base phones.