Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to Save Money During Inaugural Events


Do a search on the internet for inaugural 2013 events and you get 16,500,000 results. During President Obama’s first inauguration many Americans were suffering financially.  The second inauguration many have recovered from the recession and the demand for official inaugural ball tickets is high.  The demand for non-official inaugural balls tickets is also high.   

If you are thinking about getting a ticket to a non-official inaugural ball don’t wait until the last minute - buy you ticket now especially if you need an outfit. Many of the inaugural balls are black tie and an after 5 cocktail or black dress simply won’t do.  There are tons of ways to save money when attending inaugural events. Here are 11 ways to save money this inauguration.

  1. Search. Look for events. Search the, state websites and local newspapers for events. You can also search the internet for inaugural 2013 events. Some of the unofficial events will be just as fun and cheaper.
  2. Ask. Ask friends, co-workers, relatives or associates about getting a ticket or ask for an extra ticket.
  3. Share. Carpool or share a limousine ride to events or use car services such as ZipCar, Uber or Supershuttle.
  4. Transportation. Cab prices may be higher due to the inauguration so catch public transportation to attend events.
  5. Join. It’s no fun going to an event by yourself unless you are a social butterfly. Go with a friend, relative or significant either.
  6. Social media. Search social media for information about inaugural events and contests.
  7. Contacts.  Go through your rolodex or business contacts and ask if anyone has an extra ticket.
  8. Media. Watch the news for updates about inaugural events.
  9. Barter.  Barter services with someone who can get you a ticket.  Keep in mind tickets can range from $60 to $2,500 depending on the event. If you buy a ticket from a scalper the cost is even higher ranging up to $3,000 per ticket.
  10. Out of town. If you are coming from out of town ask friends or relatives if you can stay with them while in town.
  11. Volunteer.  You may volunteer to assist with the inaugural events. Some volunteers luck up and get a free or discounted ticket to an inaugural event but there is no guarantee.

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