Wednesday, February 13, 2013

11 Marvelous Ways Kids Can Save Money on Valentine's Day


Most advertisers focus on adults during Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day usually focuses on couples but can also be a time for parents and children, friends and co-workers to show their love and/or appreciation for each other.  Unfortunately some kids don’t know what to buy for their loved ones or friends on Valentine’s Day. Others are confused about what to do on Valentine’s Day since they are still underage and not married.

You don’t have to be an adult, be married or be in relationship to show someone how you feel about them on Valentine’s Day.  It’s not a day just for couples anymore.  You can show your feelings for anyone you care about related to you or not related to you.  Here are 11 marvelous ways kids can save money on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Make cards. Purchase Valentine’s Day cards at the dollar store.
  2. Bake. Make cookies and cupcakes in heart shapes.
  3. Arts and crafts. Make arts and crafts such as socks, hats, sweaters, pot holders, candles, mugs, pendants, saucers or paint a picture, etc. For those in elementary school ask your parents to take you to the Build a Bear Workshop store and create a stuffed animal and give to your parents.
  4. Make a mix tape. Download songs from Pandora or iTunes and create a mix tape with a collection of their favorite songs.
  5. Write a note.  Write a special, hand-written note on a clean, crisp sheet of stationary paper that you can buy from the dollar store or drugstore such as CVS, Wal-Mart, Target or Riteaid.
  6. Cook.  Cook their favorite meal or cook breakfast.
  7. Do Lunch. Lunch is cheaper than paying for dinner which can be very expensive depending on the restaurant.
  8. Party. Have a small party or get together with a few friends or family members.
  9. Candy. Buy chocolate or some other type of candy and get it personalized.
  10. Stuffed Animals.  Buy a stuffed animal that is their favorite color.
  11. Write a letter. Write a letter explaining why you love your parents or guardian and leave it on their dresser or somewhere where they will see it when they get up in the morning.


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