Monday, September 08, 2014

Does A Messy Purse Result in Messy Finances

Does it take you forever to find something in your purse? Does your shoulder ache from all the stuff you carry in your purse every day? Do you have to pull everything out of your purse to find something? If this sounds like you, you are not alone.  I recently just organized my purse which reduces the time it takes for me to find something and I no longer have to pull everything out of my purse to find an item. It never occurred to me to organize my purse even though I organize everything else, my home, my car, my office, etc.

The way you organize your purse is an indication of how you manage your finances. If your purse is organized neatly it shows that you organize your money and your finances as well as your life.
If you keep all of your receipts in your book along with your checkbook but don’t balance your checkbook on a regular basis you risk the chance of having an overdrawn account.

If you keep everything in your purse including receipts from 2 years ago indicates that you are not organized with your money, your finances or your life.  Carrying a designer purse may show that you value image and appearance but usually doesn’t provide a lot features to help you keep your purse organized.

If you never have cash or never have enough cash that is a red flag that you need to adjust your spending habits quickly to prevent a financial crisis such as filing for bankruptcy or foreclosure or getting a judgment or tax lien.

If you have purse money in your purse but never know how much or have your money balled up or crinkled up you probably don’t know how much you spend either.  This is a warning that you need to create a budget.  If you don’t manage the money you have now when you have the ability to earn more you will not be able to manage it which can result in financial problems. Here are 10 ways to organize your purse:

  1. Sort your purse as you would sort your bills and financial paperwork
  2. Leave unnecessary items out of your purse such as: mail, water bottles, receipts, multiple credit cards, shoes, hats, gloves, hair products, trash, snacks, umbrella, etc.
  3. Keep smaller items in a separate bag that you can carry or leave in the trunk of your car.
  4. If you have children keep their snacks, toys, etc. in a separate bag.
  5. Clean and organize your purse at least once a week.
  6. Leave your checkbook, credit cards and debit card at home unless you know you are going to use it. You can keep one credit in your wallet for emergencies.
  7. Organization is a trait that carries over into all aspects of your life. If you have a messy purse you probably have a messy home or messy room in your home or a messy car or work area. 
  8. Keeping your purse organized is a tedious task but it can help you to organize other areas of your life such as: keeping your house clean, organizing your finances, organizing your time, etc.
  9. If you can’t manage your purse you can’t manage your finances which make it difficult for you to achieve financial success.

Remember a messy purse equals messy finances so don’t be messy.

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