Sunday, February 15, 2015

33 Ways to Earn Extra Money With Cash Only Jobs


Unfortunately many Americans are still out of work, some college graduates are having a hard time finding jobs and teenagers are also looking for you.  This creates a huge demand for jobs. In addition, many Americans are still recovering from the recession in 2008 and the government shutdown in 2014.

There are hundreds of cash only jobs, however you have to find the one the suits your needs and your schedule. If you have computer skills or a trade it is easier to find a job.  Find out what your strengths are, what things you like to do or are good at doing. Ask family and friends for their thoughts on what are you are skilled at doing. 

No matter what the economy you should always have multiple streams of income. If you work a full-time job you should have at least 1 part-time job or 1 additional source of income. Extra income also helps to pay down debt, plan for retirement and provide cash for unexpected emergencies or events. 

Cash only jobs are also great if you are unemployed or underemployed. Cash only jobs can also help to achieve your short and long-term financial goals such as planning for retirement, home repairs or paying for college. 

Many people experience financial crises and need cash quickly. Possessing stocks, bonds, life insurance or mutual funds don’t provide this option because it takes at least a week to cash out and receive the amount requested. 

If you are having trouble finding a cash only job your best asset is being creative. Creativity is what has fueled some of the best ideas in the economy and can help you earn cash. 

The key to working cash only jobs is to keep track of your earnings and report them to the IRS even though you don’t receive a W-2 or other IRS form. The IRS states that all taxpayers even if you are unemployed must report all income from any source and state unless it is exempt under the U.S. tax code. Remember to report cash income on your IRS Form 1040 Schedule C.  When getting paid in cash you will have to pay withholding taxes and payroll taxes as well as FICA. Check with an accountant or CPA to get more information on how to report your cash only earnings. Here are 33 cash only jobs you can get hired for.  

  1. Babysitter/nanny
  2. Baker
  3. Cab driver
  4. Car detailing
  5. Carpet cleaning
  6. Cashier
  7. Chauffeur
  8. Clinical trials
  9. Computer repair
  10. Delivery driver
  11. Dog walker
  12. Give lessons
  13. Handyman
  14. Host/Hostesses
  15. House painter
  16. Junk hauler
  17. Lawn care
  18. Lifeguard
  19. Maid/housecleaning
  20. Mover
  21. Newspaper delivery/pizza delivery
  22. Organize closet or rooms in a home
  23. Painter
  24. Personal assistant
  25. Personal taster
  26. Personal/Mystery Shopper
  27. Pet watcher
  28. Running errands
  29. Shop for the sick or elderly
  30. Shoveling snow/snow removal
  31. Tutoring
  32. Valet
  33. Waitress/hostess

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