Sunday, April 12, 2015

16 Prom Season Money Saving Tips

Prom season is here which means graduation is right around the corner. Parents pay for prom expenses for some students.  Others get some money from parents, family members or save money to pay for prom expenses. Some families however are not so fortunate and struggle to find ways to pay for the prom. Whatever the case may be don’t spend more money than you have to especially when you are spending someone else’s money.

The Prom is a great time to hang out with friends and really show your sense of style.  At your prom you can really show how creative or boring you can be when it comes to dressing up. Clothes for the prom can range from $100 - $1,000, not including the costs for accessories, shoes, transportation, dining, pictures, jewelry, hair, makeup and other costs. The prom is a big deal for high school seniors and everything has to be just right for the big night especially the outfit. But, that can also come with a huge price tag.

Remember there are still other expenses you have to pay for prior to graduation if you are a high school senior.  You shouldn’t go into debt to attend any event.  You can find items for a cheaper price that are still of a good quality. Remember to have fun and don’t let anyone ruin your prom experience. Here are 16 ways to be promtastic.

  1. Budget. Create a shopping list and dollar amount and stick to it.
  2. Cost. Don’t spend more than $200 - $300 on a dress or suit. Consider renting a dress or borrowing a dress from someone who wears the same size. Unfortunately you don’t realize that you will never wear the dress again until years later. Consider renting a suit or tuxedo or going to a consignment shop or thrift store to save money. Ladies, don’t make your date pay for everything. Proms are very expensive. Be responsible and offer to share the cost. I made my boyfriend pay for everything and felt really bad afterwards for doing so. If you can’t afford to buy a dress use to find a dress.
  3. Be Different. Look for unique colors and styles. Shop online and on websites like Craigslist, eBay, or online consignment shops for unique pieces. Buy your own fabric and designs and get your dress or suit made.
  4. Jewelry. Skip the diamonds. Buy jewelry from accessory stores, outlet stores or online websites such as Ask parents, friends or relatives if you can borrow their accessories or jewelry for prom night. If you have a nice watch wear that instead of buying a new one.  Look for discounted styles to save money. Cuff links are not necessary. Save some money and buy a nice dress shirt, tie, belt and socks to match.
  5. Flowers. Go to a small floral shop or the grocery store to save money.
  6. Appearance. Consider doing your manicure and pedicure yourself or ask a friend to do them for you. Go to the hairdresser the day of or the night before your prom to ensure you style lasts and ask about prom specials.  See if you can get a friend to go with you to get their hair styled to encourage a discount from the hairstylist. Don’t forget spa services and hair styles also require a tip.
  7. Shoes. See what’s already in your closet or buy dyeable shoes and add designs to your shoes to save money. Borrow a pair of shoes from a friend or relative. If you must buy a pair of shoes buy a pair from an outlet store and make sure your shoes are comfortable especially if you plan on dancing.
  8. Online shopping. It is difficult to see the quality of an item when shopping online. What you see online may not look the same when it arrives at your door. Consider shopping online at stores that have physical locations. Go to the store and try on the dress, once you find one you like find it online. Some stores offer online specials and free shipping for certain dollars amounts but you will have to pay shipping costs and may have to pay sales tax. Read the return policy before making a purchase.
  9. Makeup. Wear long-lasting makeup or waterproof makeup so your face stays beautiful through the night. Consider buying your makeup from the drug store to save money. or You can also go to a makeup counter at the mall and get a free makeup consultation.
  10. Transportation. Skip the limo unless you can find a great deal or get another couple to split the cost.  Try renting a car or town car or using Uber. A fun idea is getting a party bus but make sure the cost is within your budget.
  11. Food. Eat dinner at home or at an inexpensive restaurant at least 2 hours prior to going to the prom to give your food enough time to digest so you won’t look bloated in your clothes. Get coupons from Groupon or Living Social for a restaurant to save money.
  12. Technology. Use an app on your smartphone to help you budget money for your prom such as: Plan'it Prom, Promgirl or Tux.
  13. Optics. Get your parents to take lots of pictures with their digital camera; they look just as good as professional photos.  Purchase no more than 2 pictures at the prom or bring your own camera to save money.
  14. Time. Don’t wait until the last minute. You will spend more money than necessary and this will cause you extra stress by trying to do everything at once. 
  15. Money. Take cash with you to ensure you don’t go overboard on spending. Taking a debit card or credit card may cause you to spend more money.
  16. Tickets. Ask about discounted tickets or group rates. Ask a sponsor, teacher or counselor if you can barter services and work for them to pay the cost of your prom ticket. Buying tickets at the last minute can cost more.

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