Saturday, December 19, 2015

15 Ways to Save Money on Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Most Americans accumulate the greatest amount of debt during the December holiday season. It’s great to give but not at the cost of going outside your budget buying items you can’t afford. No one said to go into debt to give. You can give gifts from the heart not your wallet. The holidays should be filled with joy and laughter not anxiety, pressure or guilty about spending money during the holidays.

If you don't have the money to buy gifts, be honest and tell the persons who are expecting gifts just that. If you have a small amount of buy to buy gifts, buy what you can and don't use your credit card.  Pay for items in cash only if it won’t reduce the amount of money you will need to pay for monthly bills in December 2015 or January 2016.

Sometimes the Christmas holiday sneaks up on us due to work and family obligations. However, some people love doing last minute Christmas shopping. If you're that type, you must research your delivery options. Most businesses offer shipping solutions for last minute Christmas gifts.

When doing last minute Christmas shopping you have multiple options: shop online, shop at vendors, shop at retailers or specialty shops. Online shopping is a last minute shopper’s lifesaver.  Here are 15 ways to save money on last minute Christmas gifts. Happy Holidays!


  • Go through your house to find any items that are new or gifts you received but haven’t used and regift them.
  • Go through your house to find items still in good condition that could be passed off as new.
  • Look through your house to find gift cards that you have not used and that have not expired and give as gifts.


  • Avoid department stores where selection is limited.  Visit local vendors, you can probably negotiate a good deal on the same items you will find in the department store.
  • Negotiate. Be willing to negotiate. Take cash instead of credit cards especially when negotiating for a cheaper price.
  • Buy gift certificates or ecertificates from sites like
  • Buy tickets to a sporting event, concert, play, etc.
  • Buy a magazine subscription, book or subscription to Kindle or Nook.
  • Buy small gifts such as a travel clock, hooded sweatshirt, small bowls or vintage trinkets, throw fleece blanket, slippers, gloves, shirt, mobile Printer, iPhone Case, Cell Phone Texting Gloves, designer scented candles, etc.
  • Visit the dollar store to find small gifts for children.
  • Use last minute shipping services such as UPS and FedEx. Some companies waive shipping and handling fees during the holiday season.


  • Make your own gifts using arts and crafts or sew clothing or quilts and give as gifts.
  • Think of creative gifts to give that you can make yourself.

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