Saturday, May 14, 2016

Unique Summer Fun Ideas

Everyone eagerly anticipates the summer season. Students, teachers are other employees who do not have to work during the summer start counting the days until the summer season begins. Summer is only three months, however; people try to cram as much fun in those three months as possible.

There are many paid or free activities that families can participate in to have fun during the summer season. However, there are times when you get bored doing the same activities. Put on your creative hat and think of unique ways to have fun during the summer. You can start by using items in your home.

By taking a creative approach to summer fun, you can ensure you never get bored, and you will have more fun in the process. This will also stop your children from saying the dreadful sentence, “I’m bored” every five minutes.

Thinking of creative ideas helps keep your family entertained, out of trouble and active. The key to having a successful and fun summer is to plan ahead. Start brainstorming ideas now instead of waiting until the last minute. Jill Tipograph, summer expert and founder of Everything Summer, suggests that you, "Take advantage of those bright sunny days and warm summer nights and plan something new a couple of times a week."

You can create a summer activity schedule yourself; get input from friends, relatives, your children or nanny. You can create a weekly calendar and have at least one activity planned per week.

Engaging in activities with your family increases your bond, creates memories, relieves stress, increases your children’s self-esteem, enhances their social development and is a great way to shed a few pounds. The great thing about creating your own summer fun activities is that there is no limit to what you can do.

Food Truck Party
If you enjoy entertaining outdoors with family and friends instead cooking all the food yourself, consider having a food truck party. You can have food, desert, alcohol – you determine the menu. You can also rent a food cart and have items such as ice cream cart or cotton candy cart. You can serve guests, self-serve or hire a professional server. Search for food trucks or food carts in your local area.

Hot-Air Balloon
Take the family on a hot-air balloon ride. Search for companies in your local area or go to Take a ride during the day or at night. You can see exciting views from the sky and can see nature from thousands of feet away. You can view landmarks and tourist attractions. Bring a topographical map of the area and a compass to help you identify specific locations. Be sure to take photographs. This will create wonderful memories for your family.

Treasure Hunt
Create your own treasure hunt inside your home or in your backyard. Select one person to create a list and hide the items. If you decide to have a treasure hunt outside check the weather to make certain it does not rain. Although having a treasure hunt in the rain may make it more exciting and fun! If you need help with creating a treasure hunt, you can use Geocaching. It is a predefined outdoor treasure hunt. Download the app on your smartphone. Enter your location and find geocaches in your local area.

Paint Party
Many people attend paint parties or sip and paint parties. Why not have a paint party with your family? You can purchase supplies from the art supply store, Craigslist or Amazon. Purchase plastic covers for your furniture, walls and floors. Choose an area with a wide-open space such as your basement or sunroom. Set a date for the party and have fun.

Water Fun
If you have a pool, you can play sports such as volleyball or play games such as floating ping-pong. You can also put an inflatable water slide in your backyard or have a water balloon fight.

If your family likes to compete against each other, you can have contests and decide to give prizes or just have bragging rights. You can make it an annual event or incorporate the ideas in your family reunion. You can have a dance or singing contest or a fashion show. You can create an obstacle course in your backyard or have a potato sack race. You can also play Twister in the grass.

If you enjoy watching movies purchase an inflatable outdoor movie screen. Pop some popcorn and drink your favorite sodas or juice. Then watch your favorite movies. You put on a puppet show. You can also purchase inflatable games and play games in your backyard such as Twister or bumper balls. If you like painting, you can tie-dye t-shirts, pants or shoes. You can purchase a water slide and paint with your feet.

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