Sunday, July 10, 2016

How Technology Helps Small Business Owners Save Money


In the 1990s, small business owners had to wear several hats to conduct business. Today many technology advances such as mobile apps, wearable gadgets, telecommuting, text messages, social media, smartphones, mobile banking, mobile marketing and online banking have helped small business owners focus more on their business to generate revenue. 

Technology advances allow small business owners to communicate with customers in real-time. Small business owners can distribute large amounts data in seconds. These innovations have improved operations at small businesses and help small business owners expand into global businesses.

Small business owners can use technology to remain competitive, engage with customers and address current and future business needs. Business owners must innovate by continually thinking of new ways to generate business growth. Busines owners can hire a third party technology provider to help your business stand out from the competition. Here are four ways technology can help small business owners generate revenue, save time, money and resources. 

Use tools to conduct business operations faster and more efficiently. Increase productivity by automating business systems and processes, which helps save time, money and resources such as scheduling tools, social media posting tools, accounting and tax preparation tools and customer service tools.  Find inexpensive ways to get necessary services and use free or low-cost services. Find the most effective ways to fulfill current and future needs without affecting your bottom line.

Use communication tools to give and receive information faster. Smartphones, social media, chats and email are necessary for small business owners to communicate with customers, employees, vendors and suppliers. These tools allow business owners to develop relationships and remain connected with their customer base, employees and vendors. Communication tools help improve internal and external communication and save money. 

Small business owners can use shared office space or work from home remotely by using technology that saves money on time and resources. Business owners can connect with colleagues, partners, employees and vendors in different locations and in different countries by using email, social media, cell phones, mobile devices and online collaboration tools such as SharePoint. Small business owners can also utilize remote conferencing tools such as teleconferencing, webinars, and online meeting spaces to collaborate to achieve goals and objectives anytime anywhere.

Use Analytics
Establish key performance indicators, surveys, and others metrics to measure business performance and gauge what is working and what is not working increase the quality of customer service and to help generate business growth. Ensure that work is always performed in alignment with business goals and objectives. Remain focused on where your business is now and where you want your business to go.

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