Wednesday, May 21, 2008

6 Ways to Save on Airline Fares

With the current economic crisis (recession) that we are experiencing in America, this summer will be an expensive one. The cost of gas, food, dairy, clothing and air fares will increase. American Airlines plans to start charging $15 for the first bag checked in, all others bag can be checked in at no charge. United Airlines and US Airways charge a $25 fee each way for a second bag checked in. Plan ahead so you don't get caught in the price increase that will occur this summer. Here are 6 tips to help you save money on buying an airline ticket.

1. Start with the airlines first. Many airlines have specials that are not advertised on their website. You can call the airline directly and ask about current specials or sign up for the airlines free newsletter or airfare alert service to find out about discounted air fares.

2. Find deals. Shop around to find the best deal. Visit websites like, Kayak, Hotwire, Priceline, Orbitz, Cheaptickets or to find cheap rates for hotel, airfare and cruises. You can also try using smaller airlines such as airline travel booking websites such as

3. Book in advance. Try booking your flight at least 2 weeks in advance to save money.

4. Be flexible. Try booking your flight during the week and avoid flights near holidays unless you are specifically doing holiday traveling. You can also search for flights with one or two stops instead of non-stop flights to save money.

5. Fly big. Book flights that fly out of larger airports to save money.

6. Ask for membership discounts. Some airlines offer discounts to students, senior citizens, government employees, AAA members, and other organizations. Contact the airline to find out what discounts they offer to see if you are eligible.

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