Saturday, May 17, 2008

Don't Let the Cost of Gas Crimple You

For the past year now I have not really realized the effects of the price of gas until this week. Prior to the price hike I could fill up my gas tank with a mere $12. I bragged to all my friends and family about how I could fill up my car with less than $20 a week. I loved my car and was glad I had didn't have a gas guzzler. Unfortunately that slowly began to increase.

One month it took $15, then $20, then $22, then $27, then $30, now I am at $33 for a fill-up. Now I know many of you are saying, that doesn't even fill up half my gas tank and I should be happy, but I am not. I didn't get to where I am in life by spending money frivolous. I did so by comparison shopping to find the best bargains, unfortunately this expense is not something I can negotiate.

What myself and everyone can do is complain about it to Congress by writing letters and depending a dramatic decrease in the price of gas. Inform your current State Legislators that if they do not lower the price of gas they will lose your vote. This is very critical since this is an election year. You may not feel you have the power to make a difference, but one voice can and if they hear all of our voices we can make a change. In the meantime here are 4 tips to help ease the cost of gas:

1. Combine nearby trips on the same day - this will save you time and money

2. Drive the speed limit - this reduces the amount of gas needed for your car

3. Buy your gas in the morning - gas is more dense in cold weather and in the early morning in the summer month you will get more for your money

4. Check your tires - ensure you tires are properly inflated helps prevents less friction on the road and helps tires last longer

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