Saturday, May 01, 2010

How I Saved $415 in One Day

Although we are still feeling the effects of the recession there are many ways you can still save money. My contract with my cell phone carrier had expired in April 2010 and I knew I was eligible for an upgrade.

I searched the carrier website and found the phone I wanted. I was going to order the phone online and wait for it to arrive in the mail but decided to wait a few days.

The cell phone I selected cost $399 and had tons of bells and whistles that my current phone did not have. I could not watch videos; upload presentations, and views documents in .pdf, Word and Excel. I just happened to be in an electronics store and was looking at their cell phones and noticed that they had the same cell phone I wanted to purchase.

The sales clerk asked me if I was interested in any of their cell phones and I pointed to the one I wanted but quickly told him that I could get the cell phone for free on my carrier's website instead of paying the $15 store price. The sales clerk told me to wait and they could match the price.

I logged on to my account and showed the salesclerk the phone I wanted and the price for upgrade which was "zero". He quickly selected my phone, switched over all my data and sold me a cover for my new phone, all for under $40. The $40 included a cover for my new phone $29.99 and the $9.99 per month insurance coverage. Needless to say I was excited about saving $400.

Keep in mind that my previous phone kept freezing up and I had several problems with it during the past year. I continually called my cell phone carrier and they suggested buying a new phone or wait until I was eligible for an upgrade. At one point they mailed me a new battery after threatening to go with a competitor cell phone carrier and reminding them that I had two cell phones with them, one for personal and one for business.

I was not happy with their response so I toughed it out with my phone freezing up, having to take the battery out to stop the phone from freezing, having the ball scroll all over the place, having a hard time deleting or selecting items. My thoughts about that will appear in another blog. But all that suffering paid off and now I have a new Blackberry which I love. Miracles do still happen.

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