Sunday, June 06, 2010

Another Way to Save Money Online

Many consumers nowadays are trying to find more ways to save money. One way consumers save money is by shopping online. There are also many comparison shopping websites such as Nextag and Bizrate. Well the latest trend in online shopping is penny auctions. Penny auctions allow consumers to shop for products for pennies on the dollar. The most popular penny auction website is

QuiBids works similar to eBay and auctions off brand new items such as HDTVs, digital cameras, iPads, and more for discounts up to 85% off the retail price. But, there is a catch. Users of the website have to pay to participate in these auctions.

Users pay $.60 to place a bid which runs by a clock timer. Each time a bid is placed time is added to the clock so users can determine if they would like to continue bidding. This fee allows QuiBids to sell their products at a cheaper price like digital cameras for under $60.

Users also have a "buy it now" option which allows all of the money paid towards bids they did not win to go towards the item they wish to purchase with the "buy it now" option.

The website allow consumers to buy products that they normally wouldn't be able to afford in this economy. The website is gaining popularity by word-of-mouth advertising.

Registering for a bid is rather easy. Once you register you choose the auction you want to participate in, place your bid and see what happens.

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