Saturday, March 10, 2012

5 Ways to Replace a Lost Card

One day you realize you lost your credit or debit card and you start to panic. You don’t know what to do. Luckily there are no strict requirements on getting an emergency replacement credit card. Simply call the credit card company and say your credit card was stolen or lost and they will send you a new one. The credit card company or bank immediately blocks the card from future use.

If the card was stolen you are not liable for any future charges provided you reported the loss or theft within 3 business days. The credit card company or bank will inform you that if you find your lost card cut it up and throw it away.

The average time to receive an emergency replacement credit card is 5-7 business days from the date you make the request. If you need money before your card arrives some companies provide you with an emergency cash advance and will work with you to arrange a convenient location to pickup the cash.

The average fee to replace a lost credit or debit card is $5 but not all banks charge a fee. Bank of America may charge a fee for ordering a replacement credit card. PNC charges $7.50 to replace a credit or debit card. Credit unions may charge a fee for a replacement credit card usually $5 to $10. Bank of America charges a fee for requesting a replacement debit card or requesting a rush order for a replacement card.

Here are 5 Ways to replace a lost credit card or debit card

1. Contact the bank or credit card company within 24 hours or as soon as you realize the card is lost. Some companies require you to follow up your emergency replacement card request with a confirmation letter.
2. Go to your local bank and request an emergency replacement debit card which may be quicker than calling the customer service department of the bank.
3. If your address is not updated you will not be unable to quickly receive a replacement card.
4. The credit card company or bank will tell you that if you lost your credit card and find it to cut the old card up and throw it away.
5. Submit a request online however it is probably quicker to make the request by phone.


1. Use a virtual wallet or online banking to keep track of purchases with sites such as
2. Register your credit or debit card for added protection.
3. Store your credit or debit card in a secure location. Shred financial documents.
4. Reconcile financial statements daily or weekly.
5. Know the location of your credit or debit card at all times.
6. Keep your address up-to-date. If you card is lost the company needs to have a current address.
7. Avoid putting your credit or debit card in a loose location such as a coat pocket or outside pocket of a purse where it can easily fall out.
8. Keep a log of all of your credit and debit cards with the account number, toll free number and after hours. If you are traveling out of town carry a copy with you.

Emergency Card Replacement Telephone Numbers

1. Bank of America (800) 732-9194
2. Visa (800) 847-2911 (410) 581-9994
3. Citibank (800) 950-5114 (605) 335-2222
4. Wells Fargo (800) 642-4720
5. Chase (800) 432-3117
6. American Express (800) 964-8542
7. Capital One (800) 955-7070
8. Discover (800) 902-3100
9. MasterCard (800) 627-8372

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