Tuesday, June 26, 2012

9 Ways to Save Money on Airline Fares

Gas prices indicate airline fares this summer will be expensive. Flying is the quickest way to get to your vacation destination, however there is a cost for convenience.  I was afraid of flying and my first flight was 45 minutes to New York. My second flight was to Germany so I quickly overcame my fear of flying.  Now I love flying.  What I don’t love is the additional costs to fly for baggage, heavy baggage.

The cost of airline fares also depends on:  your destination, time of flight, the day of the week you leave, number of connections, airline class – coach, business, first class; how long you stay,  the day of the week you return, what airline you fly to name a few.

American Airlines and Delta charge $25 for the first bag checked in, $35-$40 for the second bag.  United Airlines charges $25 for the first bag and $35-$40 for the second bag.  US Airways charge a $25 for the first bag and $35-$70 for the second bag. Southwest does not charge a fee for checking the first two bags. Jet Blue does not charge for the first bag and charges $40 for the second bag.  Plan ahead so you don't get caught in the price increase that will occur this summer and pack light. Here are 9 tips to help you save money on buying an airline ticket.

  1. Call the airlines. Many airlines have specials that are not advertised on their website. Call the airline directly and ask about current specials or sign up for their free newsletter or airfare alert service.
  2. Find deals. Shop around to find the best deal. Visit websites like www.travelocity.com, www.kayak.com, www.hotwire.com, www.priceline.com, www.orbitz.com or www.cheaptickets.com.
  3. Plan ahead. Try booking your flight at least 2 weeks in advance to save money.
  4. Be flexible. Try booking your flight during the week and avoid flights near holidays. You can also search for flights with one or two connections instead of non-stop flights to save money.
  5. Choice Big. Book flights that fly out of larger airports to save money.
  6. Discounts. Ask about discounts, some airlines offer discounts to students, senior citizens, government employees, AAA members, and other organizations.
  7. Act fast. When you see or hear about sales or discounts move quickly to capitalize on the deal because they usually don't last long.  
  8. Talk to others.  Talk to friends and neighbors to find out how what deals they got in the past.
  9. Memberships.  Ask for discounts for membership to Diner's Clubs, AAA, AARP, etc. Also check social media sites for discounts.

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