Saturday, June 02, 2012

Make Cash by Cleaning Out the Clutter

The Weather has warmed up and many people are out and about.  I don’t like the cold so when summer arrives I try to enjoy the weather as much as possible.  Many people like to do spring cleaning and get rid of stuff that don’t want anymore.  A great way to make money this summer is by getting the clutter out of your home.  However, getting rid of clutter can be an emotional, frustrating and an overwhelming experience. 

Many people don’t want to part with their things even if they haven’t been used in over 10 years or it has turned colors and is almost unrecognizable.  Storing clutter takes up space and can cost money if you have so much stuff you have to store it in a self-storage unit. If you haven’t used something in the past 6-12 months it has now become clutter and you should consider getting rid of it.  

Possessing large amounts of clutter can cause you to spend more money because you may buy items that you already have but can’t find. Now you have duplicates of several items. You will be surprised what you find when you remove the clutter from your home.  Here are 9 ways to get rid of clutter.

  1. Start slow. Start cleaning out one room at a time, try a small room first.
  2. Categorize. Categorize items by type to make it easier to go through them.  Put all shoes in one pile, all shirts in one pile, all books in one pile, etc.
  3. Identify. Label items based on their condition: trash, new, good, need repair, etc.
  4. Decide. Determine which items you want to donate to charity and which items you want to sell.
  5. Sale.  Have at least 30 items to sell if you are having a yard sale.  Have at least 5 items if you are selling online. You can sell clothing, coats and shoes to consignment shops. You can also take large items such as refrigerator or dishwasher to a scrap yard.
  6. Online. Sell items online at sites such as on eBay, Craigslist or
  7. Donate. Donate items to charity and use the donations as a tax write-off.  Give items away to less fortunate people or list on
  8. Recycle. Recycle old papers, CDs, brochures, manuals, cell phones and electronics.
  9. Annual Check.  Get rid of clutter at least once a year.

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