Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Friday Shopping Tips

                                                                       Black Friday
Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and officially starts the Christmas holiday shopping season.  It is the day when many companies slash prices to lure customers into stores hoping to boost their sales during the last two months of the year. 
Black Friday has now been modified and some stores are implementing Pre-Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day sales.  Other stores start their sales at midnight on Thanksgiving Day.

According to data analyzed by the Wall Street Journal the best deals occur before or after Black Friday. The best deals can be found before Black Friday through the end of October. The same gifts can be purchased throughout the year for a lower price. 

The best bargains are for electronics and large items such as tv's and computers which can be purchased online.  Some companies are offering pre-black Friday sales and in some cases prices are better than black Friday sales.  Several websites, like Amazon, DealNews, RetailMeNot and DealDump, create online shopping bargains all in one place so shoppers can find them easily. Also look for black Friday sales on Twitter and Facebook.  Here are 15 reasons to shop online on black Friday instead of going to the stores.

  1. Do research.  Buy your local Sunday or Wednesday newspaper or watch your local news to hear about store sales and specials.
  2. Make a list.  Make a list of what you are going to buy and from what store.  You can get overwhelmed by all the sales and end up spending money you don't have. Don't go into debt just because you see something on sale.
  3. Other stores.  Don't shop at stores that don't have black Friday sales or stores that are not on your list.
  4. Pay with cash.  Don't buy items with credit cards.  Purchase items with cash, check or debit cards.  Make sure you don't go over your limit with your debit card and end up overdrawing your account.
  5. Raincheck.  If an item is out of stock ask for a rain check and be sure that you can get the item for the same price.  Find out if new stock of the item will arrive before Christmas.
  6. Store gimmicks. If the store says "Limited Supply" it usually means there are 4-6 items in stock. If an item is out of stock be sure to get a rain check and go after the New Year to buy the item at the discounted price.
  7. Save gas.  You can shop in your pajamas instead of waiting in line at 6:00am or in the cold.
  8. Free shipping.  Many companies offer free shopping starting on Black Friday through the holiday season.
  9. Stock.  There are more items in stock online that in the actual stores.
  10. Easier.  You can take your time and in some cases chat with online representatives to answer questions.
  11. Stress.  Shopping online is less stressful than running through the stores, fighting for parking spaces, fighting over items on sale and waiting in long lines.
  12. Safer.  Shopping online is much safer and you don't have to worry about getting elbowed or trampled over while shopping.
  13. Security.  Don’t shop with companies you never heard of or with sites that don't have a https or shttp on the payment page, a mailing address and contact phone number. 
  14. Set a budget.  The holidays should be more focused on spending time with family and friends and not about buying a gift.  If you have to buy a gift for a parent and child consider just buying a gift for the child.  Let the parent know you are cutting back this year and really can't afford a gift right now. 
  15. Emotions. Don’t let peer pressure or guilt from family, friends or co-workers cause you to go into debt this holiday season.
Black Friday shopping has resulted in violence such as: fist fights, trampling, smashed glass doors, shootings, pushing of employees, calling the police, and even death.  If you insist on going to a store, ask yourself, if buying an item that may or may not really be a bargain worth getting injured for.  I will be shopping online. 


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