Sunday, November 10, 2013

How to Stop Junk Mail from the Postal Service


All companies, churches and non-profits sell your personal information including the postal service. Here are some ways to fight back.

Explicit or sexual advertisements
Stop sexual advertisements and mail by completing the USPS Form 1500. You can return the form to your local post office or mail the form along with the opened sexual advertisements to:

     Pricing and Classification Service Center
     PO BOX 1500
     New York NY 10008-1500

First class mail
Cross out the address and bar code, circle the First class postage stamp and write "Refused: Return to Sender". Drop the mail in any mail box and it will be returned to the sender. Do this for each piece of mail you receive.

Bulk mail
If "address correction requested" is written on the label, circle "address correction requested" and drop the mail in any mail box and it will be returned to the sender.

To stop mail addressed to former residents
Bulk mail for "current resident”
Write "Please activate the mail preference service", and include the former resident name, address, and zip code.

First class and some bulk mail
Fill out a change of address form for each previous resident. Write "Moved, Left No Forwarding Address" as the new address. Sign your own name and write "Form filled in by current resident of the house, [Your Name], agent for the above". Hand this form directly to your mail carrier, if possible who must approve the form and ensures that it is entered into the post service National Change of Address (NCOA) database.

Write the U.S. Postal Service Consumer Affairs department expressing your dissatisfaction with junk mail policies:
    Consumer Affairs Policy & Program Development
    USPS - HQ
    475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
    WA DC 20260-0004

Contact your Congressman to express your concerns at

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