Thursday, June 12, 2014

7 Ways to Reduce Your Cable Bill

Most Americans have cable.  One of the largest cable companies is Comcast was will be merged with Time Warner.  Comcast and a few other companies offer a triple-play bundle package that includes phone, cable and internet to help customers save money.  However, getting rid of a triple-play bundle may cost more because you will have to pay for each service separately; although in some cases it is cheaper to keep triple play.

It would be a smart alternative to ask if your cable company offers a two-play package because most companies don’t want to lose existing customers.  If you have been a customer for at least 2 years or more you have more negotiating power. If the price for a two-play bundle is higher than a triple play bundle ask to speak to a supervisor and ask about discounts and specials.  You can also remind them you have consistently paid your bill on time and are a loyal customer.

Since you can get basic cable for as little as $19.99 per month and cable plus internet for less than $40 per month, if you spend more than that on Netflix and Hulu or other digital programming then it is better to keep cable.

Since subscribers cannot get pay for only what you watch a-la-carte service, eliminating channels you don’t watch is a great alternative to cutting cable off completely because most people don’t watch all the channels offered on cable tv.  According to the News Tribune subscribers only watch 18% of the cable channels offered.

If you don’t watch premiums channels and other channels getting expanded basic service is a good option.  Prices range from $39.99 - $79.99 depending on the provider. You can save anywhere from 10% to 50% each month.

Basic cable can include up to 100 channels. Reducing your service to basic cable service is cheaper and could save you money. If the channels you regularly watch are included in basic cable service eliminating the channels you don’t watch can save a great deal of money. Here are some ways to reduce spending before getting rid of cable are:

1.      Get the cheapest cell phone plan possible
2.      Pay for only what you watch
3.      Eliminate channels you don’t watch
4.      Switch providers
5.      Ask about discounts and specials every 3-6 months
6.      Compare services and purchase a double-play or triple-play package
7.      Temporarily halt service, some companies may charge a fee

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