Wednesday, June 04, 2014

9 Ways to Save Money on Summer Vacation

                                                               summer season

Summer is almost here! Every loves to travel during the summer and many family vacations usually start during the including me.  I went to St. Thomas for a week and didn’t want to come back home.  I love traveling. Unfortunately, the economy has made it difficult for many families to take a summer vacation.   

We work 10-14 hour days or more, we rush to work, rush to get the kids, rush home, rush to eat dinner and then repeat the entire process all over again the next day.  We never take the time to relax which can lead to health issues and more money out of your pocket.  We should take a page from overseas workers who take 2 hours lunches and get 6 weeks of mandatory vacation.

Everyone needs to take time out to relax.  You can’t be the best you if you don’t take time out for yourself to recharge.  To save money for summer vacation or mini-get a ways start looking for bargains on airfare and hotels.  If you can afford to go on vacation without charging it on your credit card then do.  It’s no fun going on vacation and then paying a credit card balance for the vacation for the next 6-12 months. Here are 9 ways to help you save money when planning your summer vacation. 
  1. Plan ahead. Plan in advance to save money. Buy toiletries and other necessities before traveling.
  2. Research. Shop around to find the best deals. Visit websites like,, or to find cheap rates for hotel, airfare and cruises. Purchase services together such as air and hotel or air, hotel and rental car to save money.
  3. Act fast. When you see or hear about sales or discounts you have to move quickly to capitalize on the deal because they usually don't last long.  
  4. Get Input.  Talk to friends and neighbors to find out how they planned their vacation, i.e. ask about any discounts or sales, restaurants, shops, etc.
  5. Buy traveler's insurance. Buy traveler's insurance.  This will reduce the costs of medical bills that could accrue if you get sick on a cruise ship or flight and prevent you from going into debt. 
  6. Use restraint. Use restraint while on vacation. Don't buy everything you see.  If you know you will be tempted don't even go into the store.  Buy items or souvenir gifts at flea markets or only buy items that are on sale.
  7. Snacks. Buy snacks and a few drinks and pack them in your suitcase before you leave. This will tide you over when you get hungry while on vacation until you are able to eat a full meal.  This will also help you save you money that you would spend on midnight snacks.
  8.  Safety. Buy traveler's checks which can quickly be replaced if lost. If your credit card is stolen you may not have another credit card available to purchase any necessities. 
  9. Security. Watch your surroundings. Avoid looking like a tourist to minimize your chances of being a victim of theft or fraud. Keep your personal items secure. 

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