Sunday, July 06, 2014

Social Media Etiquette


I wrote this post to address the plethora of madness I see on social media. 

  1. Status Updates - if you are providing a status update about someone else or their children get permission before posting, not everyone wants their lives chronicled on social media.
  2. Photos - although you like to post photos on social media not everyone does.  Before taking a picture of someone ask them if it is ok to post in on social media and don't get upset if they say no.
  3. Tagging - you may like the tagging feature but not everyone does. Some people may not be aware of how to change the tag feature to prevent being tagged so get permission first. If someone posts a photo of you on social media you can ask them to remove it, you can untag yourself or learn how to prevent being tagged.
  4. Discretion - although you may like to post pictures of the opposite sex not all of your friends may enjoy viewing them. Some pictures that you post may get you categorized as a pervert so post with discretion.
  5. Follow - If someone follows you on social media you do not have to follow them back simply because they followed you.
  6. Negative comments - if someone posts negative comments about you or calls you out discuss it offline. Responding online will usually result in an emotionally charged response. Your response may be viewed by your employers or others in your network that may now see you differently based on your response. You always have the option to Unfriend, Block the person or delete their comments.
  7. Posts - everything you post is saved in an archive, even items that are deleted so there will always be a trail of what you say, like or do on social media. Use caution when interacting on social media. Don't post anything you may regret or that can be used against you later.
  8. Behavior - act the way you want to be treated. If you act a fool on social media to other people, you will get the same behavior in turn.
  9. Friending - don't get upset if someone unfriends you or doesn't accept your friend request.
  10. Sharing - don't just talk about yourself and your fabulous life. Readers may view you as narcissistic.  Vary your posts by sharing information, updates and things that you learned or think that others might be interested in.
  11. Repost - don't ask everyone to retweet or repost your posts, this makes you look desperate and can be annoying. However, you can contact someone privately and ask them to repost.
  12. Know your audience - don't send games requests or event requests to people who are not interested or do not live in your area.  Some people don't play games online so sending them game requests is a waste of your valuable time.


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