Saturday, February 13, 2016

12 Dynamic Ways to Save Money on Valentine's Day

How much to spend on a gift for your partner this Valentine's Day ... 

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend over $19 billion for Valentine’s Day this year. Fifty-one percent of Americans will buy candy spending $1.8 billion, 36.4% will buy flowers spending $2 billion, and 17.2% will purchase reasonable gifts such as sweaters, coats and winter accessories spending $2 billion.

Valentine's Day is overly commercialized and is the fourth latest shopping occasion in consumer spending. Advertisers show commercials that focus mainly on buying women gifts. They make women believe that the only time a man should show affection is on Valentine's Day. They also make women believe that the world will come to an end if they do not receive a gift on Valentine’s Day. I believe if you show affection all year long you won't have to dash at the last minute to buy an expensive gift. If couples treat each other with respect, communicate with each other and live in love, Valentine's Day will not seem as one the biggest holidays of the year.

Valentine's Day gifts and memories should be a bonus to a healthy relationship not a chore or ultimatum of "he or she better get me something nice or else". Gifts should not be a measure of how much someone loves and you should not fall in love or like with someone because of the gifts they buy.

If you know your significant other is financially strapped, don't be selfish and expect an expensive gift for Valentine’s Day. Be realistic and understanding and know that sometimes men need a little help with gift ideas. Be appreciative of whatever you get, it’s the thought that counts, unless you get a letter opener! Here are 12 dynamic ways to celebrate Valentine's Day and save money.

  1. Know your partner. If your partner or spouse gets very excited about Valentine’s Day and wants a big gift, then you better get out your wallet and spend accordingly. If your partner or spouse likes simple gifts or gifts from the heart then buy that.
  2. Ask. Don’t be afraid to get gift suggestions from your partner or spouse. Ask them what they need or would like to do for Valentine’s Day. If they don’t tell you, ask their best friend, sibling or mother for gift suggestions.  
  3. Give from the heart. If you get a balloon or chocolate, get your significant other's name on it or get personalized chocolates or baked goods.
  4. Going out. If you suspect your date feels uncomfortable or is short on cash offer to split the bill and don't get upset about it. Things happen. At least he or she was thoughtful enough to want to spend time with you. He or she may just be afraid to admit he or she is having financial problems.
  5. Be creative. Write a love letter or love note. If you aren't in love yet, write a note expressing how you feel and what you like about your significant other. However, don’t use this in lieu or a gift. It may not go over too well. 
  6. Purchase a quick getaway. Check online for specials for bed and breakfast inns that are inexpensive or stay overnight in a local hotel room.
  7. Do a staycation. Send the children out overnight. Clean the house. Cook a meal, draw a bubble bath and enjoy each other’s company if you can’t afford to buy each other gifts.
  8. Be different. Everyone buys roses on Valentine's Day. Find out what her favorite flower is and buy that instead of roses. It will show her that you are thoughtful, a leader not a follower and that you really care.
  9. Free. Check your local newspaper for free events during Valentine's Day weekend.
  10. Be a chef. If your significant other likes baked goods. Bake their favorite baked good and feed it to them or fix breakfast in bed.
  11. Work. Offer to clean the house, do chores or complete your “honey do list”.
  12. Avoid going into debt. If you can’t afford to buy a gift or spend money, be honest. Don’t wait until the last minute and buy a cheap gift or grab something without putting any thought into the gift, it will show. Find inexpensive ways to show your love. Next year plan ahead and save up to buy a gift.

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