Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do Your Thoughts Keep You Poor

Today's post is taken from Burt Goldman creator of the Prosperity Paradox. I thought it would provide another perspective to financial success. Enjoy!

The longer you spend doing something, the better you will become at it. That is the Law of Life.

To become an expert at whatever it is you want to do, you know that if you put in the time and dedication, you'll eventually get there. After all, practice makes perfect, right?

This rings true for almost anything in life and most professionals in any field will tell you that following this Law has gotten them to where they are today.

In Sports - During his high school years, Michael Jordan never made the school basketball team but after years and years of dedication and practice, he became the all-star he is today.

In Arts - Heath Ledger took months to study and absorb his character, the Joker, in 'The Dark Knight' and actress Winona Ryder had to dive into the psychology of disturbed women for months before starring in 'Girl Interrupted'.

In Music - The Beatles were no strangers to practice. In the earlier days of their career, they played 8 hour sessions, every night of the week without fail. Well, we all know how successful they became.

There are an endless number of fields where world-class experts will tell you the same thing. Dedication, motivation and hours of practice will make you better at anything you take on. It's common sense, right?

It is the proven formula for most things... but here lies the problem... this does not apply to making money.

The Prosperity Paradox

We spend the majority of our lives trying to make good money. Do the math - say you have already spent 20 years dedicating the majority of your time and effort into making money. At 40 hours a week, that's over 40,000 hours spent making money!

After that much time, you should already be a master at it!

Think about what your golf handicap would be if you spent that amount of time on the driving range! But the truth is, most of you will continue breaking your backs for the rest of your lives and still not get any better at making money. Why?

Money is the only thing you will not get better at with time. This is what I call the Prosperity Paradox and it exists because of the 3 great lies we tell ourselves about money.

The 3 Great Lies

1) Money = Career
Most often we think that our career path will determine how much money we will make. A lawyer, accountant and a clerk will have certain expected pay grades. We believe our chosen career always has a salary cap. But this type of thinking limits our potential to make money. The truth is that you can reach financial success regardless of your monthly paycheck.

2) Money = The Value You Give The World
You make money only by giving value to the world. This is a myth. Think about jobs that benefit no one but themselves. Casino kings, drug lords, people who cheat others of their hard earned money. All these add no value to the world. Yet, these people are living the life honest folks deserve. Then think about those who have given so much value to the world. Teachers, nurses, even garbage collectors are not anywhere close to being millionaires. So how can this statement be true?

3)Money = Hard Work
The advice from our parents "You have to work hard for your money" no longer rings true. Money does not equal hard work. Most people slog all day and night, they take on two or three jobs, eat from their desks, ruin their health, suffer from stress, and yet they are no closer to financial freedom than before.

These 3 lies are created by YOU, by society and by your misconceptions about money. In fact, money doesn't relate to any of these things! The only thing your financial success relates to is your... Prosperity Blueprint.

The Prosperity Blueprint and Your Money Mindset

Or, in other words, your money mindset. Here's a scary fact... Right now, your Prosperity Blueprint has been preconditioned to never help you get any better at making money. But it's NOT your fault! You have been misled along with millions of other hardworking people who will never escape this money making struggle. Let me tell you how it happened.

1)You were never trained on HOW to make money
It is a sad but true fact. You were never trained on how to make money. There are no classes in schools or Universities that tell you what you need to do to become a professional moneymaker. You were simply trained with the skills that would hopefully make you some money one day. You make money as a result of THAT skill.

2) You are BRAINWASHED by society
You were conditioned to have certain limited and stereotypical beliefs about money. Here are a few phrases that I am sure you have heard before whether you believe them or not: "Money is the root of all evil" "It's more enlightened to be poor than rich" "If I get rich, everyone will want something from me"

In fact, even some very famous people have cautioned us against money:

"I do not like money, money is the reason we fight." --Karl Marx
"Love and money should properly have nothing to do with each other." --John Saul, Guardian
"Surely there never was so evil a thing as money, which maketh cities into ruinous heaps, and banisheth men from their houses, and turneth their thoughts from good unto evil." --Sophocles, Antigone

3) You are influenced by BIPOLARITY within society
There are many subsections within the society: The rich and the poor. The educated and the uneducated. The urban and rural. The democrats and the republicans. These splits within our society have fortified the limitations in our self-belief system about making money, "People like us will never be rich." "People like them have it so good." These conditionings have limited your potential to make money. This is a very BIG problem.

But here is good news... Unlike the millions of others who do not know any better, you have read this and are aware of this Prosperity Paradox. And here is more good news. There is a very SIMPLE SOLUTION and that is to... Reset Your Prosperity Blueprint.

Only 5% of people have figured out how to do this and they are enjoying financial success in a way that many can only dream of. And what about the other 95%?

Because of the lies they believe in, they will always be stuck trying to make money. Now that you know the truth, will you be part of the successful minority or the striving majority?

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