Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Mania and Money

Halloween is celebrated by many Americans in the United States. Is Halloween really a holiday? We don't get a day off work to celebrate it but it is treated as a holiday and it seems as though some people get more excited about Halloween than Christmas. I wonder if the people who dress up at Halloween also dress up as Santa or Mrs. Claus at Christmas or dress up at Thanksgiving.

Companies make millions of dollars in sales during Halloween. Disney theme parks had a 40% increase in attendance at Disneyland in LA. In 2009, companies made approximately 6 billion dollars in Halloween sales.

If Americans took the money they plan on spending this year for Halloween and put it towards paying down their debt or put it in an emergency fund they would be in a better financial position next year. If you are going to celebrate Halloween this year here are 5 ways to save money.

1. Costumes. Buy costumes from the dollar store or make you own. Dress up like a cartoon character or a TV show character.
2. Candy. Buy candy from the dollar store or at discount or wholesale stores like Costco, BJ's or Price Club. You can also use coupons at store that double the coupon value.
3. Family Outings. Carpool, buy bulk tickets or ask about discounts for families or large parties to save money on admission fees for haunted houses or other activities.
4. Host a party. Host your own Halloween party and ask guests to bring a dish. This way you save money by not going out and get the luxury of staying at home.
5. Skip Halloween. Skip Halloween and do something that is low cost or free like attending church, visiting family or plan a family night and watch TV. This will save you a lot of money and will bring your family closer together.

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